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Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome?


Yeah,it’s Jeddediah the Pilot from that Mad Max movie like @Nazareth , most definitely…Damm what a shi* but memorable movie.


If that’s correct than anyone can take my turn. I’m currently stuck at work.


Correct. Nicely done.


Cool deal. My turn for whoever wants it.




Safe Men. :slightly_smiling_face:



Confessions of a dangerous mind (2002), the scene of Chuck Baris right?


Yep, you got it. Your turn.


Thank you, here it is! (Also it is very hard, (so I will mabye pick another movie later), since it is actually a Slovene nationality movie, and it is also old as all hell, lol!)







Maybe “Räuber Hotzenplotz?” (Probably not)


Very good guess, but it is not that, the only way you might know this movie is if you are from Slovenia/Balkans/Know the winner of 1960’s europe movie awards. (This movie got the gold medal)

Here is a few hints, to make you ‘‘possibly’’ know the film:

  • The boy in the first picture is the head star of the movie, and the movie is named after him,

  • This movie is the most known Slovene movie of all time getting 80 million total views most from the Balkans, but even some Germans and people from UK watched it - it was even featured in a New York cinema in the 1990’s

  • The movie - although for it’s old age & HUGE popularity across the globe, is not getting remade - nor does it have a different language, other than being spoken Slovene - and having many subtitles including croatian, russian & even english. (The subtitles you see in the 6th picture are Croatian because the movie is only in Slovene)

  • This movie is actually placed as a legendary wonder in Slovenia, since it was the most Slovene movie EVER created! Not only that but it won more awards than ANY european movie in the 1960’s awards ranking up at the first place & destroying the competition! It is considered even the most LEGENDARY balkan movie of the century!

  • The ‘‘bearded’’ woman that looks like she belongs in an american horror story in the second picture is actually the main villain’s protige. Her name is ‘‘Teta Pehta’’ roughly translating to ‘‘Aunt Pehta’’ and the main villain the child is trying to kill along with Teta Pehta is in the 3rd picture ‘‘Bedanec’’.

  • The movie was filmed in Jesenice - the Alp land in Slovenia,

  • This movie was also the FIRST movie made and produced in Slovenia & the FIRST movie to rank up 10 million sales that is spoken in a native language.

Although this did not help at all - for those who have seen a clip from the movie shall atleast have an idea of what I am talking about lol. :wink:


Based on the info provided, I dug around and I think the title is “Srecno, Kekec!”


Yep, that’s it! Congratulations - your turn! :wink:


Been a while again!


Is that Apocalypse Now?


Yes! Your turn.


Screen Grab:



Is it titled The Vault?