Screen Grab - Movie Game


“You are next.” Man that lady sure know how to kick ass of wanna be killers. She is brutal. I recall that she mentions she was raised in a survival enviroment with prepper parents or something like that. Best slasher-comedy horror I have seen in a long time.


It’s really quite good for a slasher flick.
Actually only saw it recently after learning that it’s from the same dudes who made The Guest.

And you’re were right, your turn.


All righty. Not an actual horror movie but the mask of this boy always resulted me pretty disturbing for whatever reason.


The Orphanage I’m guessing?



James Bond Quantum of Solace


Correct answer! Your turn!



The Perfect Storm? This text will be blurred


Yup. That is correct.


Nope, that’s not it.


The Finest Hours, perhaps?


The Wolf of Wall street? It looks like the scene when they are caught out in the storm while sailing.


You are correct! :wink:



The Terminator maybe?


You are correct, my dear boy!


Cool deal.



Pretty sure it’s Wind River.


Indeed it is! This text will be blurred