Screen Grab - Movie Game


Well I know it’s neither the Death Star 1 or 2 and neither is it Alderaan getting blown to smithereens. That much I know.


It’s not Star Wars. Star Trek? You may need to be more specific…


The Undiscovered Country?


Yes, it is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, at the beginning when the Klingon moon Praxis explodes.


I thought so. I recognized the purple effect on the ripples. I think it’s quite an underrated entry into the Star Trek franchise.

I’ll edit a screen into this in a few minutes.



VI is a great Trek movie, probably helps that it was directed by the guy who directed Wrath of Khan. It does feel a little cheap in places, you can tell the budget was limited, and the cast were getting old. I think this Simpsons parody came out at around the same time.

I think VI would be in my top 5 Trek movies. I love Wrath of Khan and First Contact, Beyond is pretty great, The Voyage Home is good.


Maybe Robocop? This text will be blurred


You’re correct. Your turn





Damn, I’m gonna stop posting extra pics for the ones I think are hard. :sweat_smile: Your play.


Ha ha, the first picture was good enough for me to get it. :slight_smile:



Ah, so this movie is the reason why he had the CGI face in Justice League. :wink: I dig it up in a moment.

Mission Impossible - fallout.


Yes! I thought we could use pictures from upcoming movies for a change. :wink:
Your turn.


Kind of tough digging up pics for this one.


Based off the actors it should be High School High.


This is the one where the guy blows the whole place up by rolling two grenades right after this scene. I am not remembering the movie name though. :frowning:


A title would be good. Maybe I mentioned this movie recently?


No idea but I’m willing to try…American Ultra?