Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yes, its Falling Down. In German the movie is called “Falling Down - Ein ganz normaler Tag” / “Falling Down - A normal Day”


Got some time on my hands so why not.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ? :thinking:


Good Guess! :+1:

This text will be blurred



Kong: Skull Island by chance?


Absolutely (not).
Try again.


Probably wrong but I’ll give it another shot - The Ghost and The Darkness?


I love this movie !
But no.




This is the right movie. That’s it.



This film was a guilty pleasure…

Good luck. Have fun guessing.


Is it Our Man In Havanna?


No. It is not. This film was quickly forgotten but it’s easily enjoyable if you liked looking at the pretty girl heroine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t say that I’ve seen this film at all lol.


I am not sure about my guess, but if you can answer a couple of questions I have, I’ll know for sure. :slight_smile:

Is the actress Brooke Shields?
Does Timothy Dalton star in the film?


Yes and yes to your questions… I think you got it… you can say the answer now. :slight_smile:

But yeah… it’s a hazy memory isn’t it? I think most of us that did see it only watched it once. :slight_smile:


Brenda Starr?

My turn’s up for grabs if I am right.


You got it! BRENDA STARR it is. :slight_smile:


OK… since no one is taking a turn yet… I will post another one. :slight_smile: