Screen Grab - Movie Game


I don’t recall any ships burning in that movie. Knowing @Watson, my guess is, this movie is pre-2003.


Indeed it is.

Hint: This film has been made three times, with the screenshot coming from the most recent adaptation.


Yeah it was just a random guess. I actually didn’t see the movie.


Kinda felt curious and googled it? Feels like i watched it before but, i don’t remember anything about it to be honest.


So this an adaptation (of for instance a book) and not based on real events?


It’s based on a real event.


Is it The Bounty (1984)?


You got it! Great soundtrack by Vangelis in that film BTW.



It looks vaguely familiar…is that woman Jill Clayburgh?


No, thats not Jill Clayburgh.


Damn, never mind then. My guess is not even close.


Well, speaking of the woman in this screencap. If the roles had been reversed (with her standing in the red lighting) it could’ve actually been seen as a sly reference to one of her earliest movies.


OK… let’s see…

Clue: The “vault” door in the screenshot has just been opened for the first time in many years.


It’s Sissy Spacek! and the movie is Blast from the Past.


Is that the non-Scarlett version of Ghost in the Shell?


Correct. The sooner we forget about the live action version, the better.


I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately I can’t post another movie just yet.


Here’s another remake where the original was superior.



Is this Old Boy (with Josh Brolin) ?