Screen Grab - Movie Game


You are right sir.




Looks like Elle Fanning. Is it “The Neon Demon”?

Edit: After doing some searching I am certain it is.


A couple of guesses come to mind. I’ll start with… Chappie?


Nope, it’s not Chappie.


Is it that famous film watupdawg.jpg?


LMAO, nope.

Clue: This movie is not in English.


Well, it was worth a try!

I’m going to go for City of God which is based purely on my guess that the people in the screenshot look South American, and that’s one of the few films from that part of the world I’ve seen. The color palette of the scene also fits this movie, and the characters look like they’re living in slums of some kind, which also fits.

Anyway, that’s my reasoning.


It’s not City of God.

And it’s Mexican.


Ok, I’m getting closer.

If it is Mexico, then it could be Sin Nombre, which I haven’t seen in years but the screen would fit the gang theme I remember. That’s the only one which springs to mind.
Also, it’s not from a documentary is it?


It is “Sin Nombre”. :slight_smile: Your turn.


This should be easy! :wink:


20 PizzatheHutts




You were a craft opponent I must say. I wonder if you will get this one



Is this one of the Naked Gun movies?


No, it is a comedy but it is not any of the Naked Gun movies or Police Squad


Any hints or additional screen shots?


Sure here’s a hint it stars parody musician Weird Al Yankovic


OK, I’ll try for… UHF?