Screen Grab - Movie Game


Correct, now it’s your turn. Good luck



Is the movie Sharknado?


Nope, that’s just the title I put on it. :wink:


My Super Ex-Girlfriend?


You got that quicker than I thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your play.


I havn’t even seen that movie, yet for some reason it sprung to mind. I think I remember reading a review of it about where they said that the superhero woman in it acts like a psycho.


Yeah, that’s about right. It starts off pretty funny but kind of goes flat in the middle near the end.

A completely random guess - Four Weddings and a Funeral?


Fraid not, this movie is alot older. Not sure if anyone outside the UK will get it.


We get a lot of UK programming here in Australia, and I’m pretty sure that’s the cast of Dad’s Army.


You’re right. It is the 1971 movie. Your turn.




My turn’s up for grabs.


I go. Thanks


The Hunt For Red October?


Negative, agent.

Another submarine film though.


Unless I’m mistaken that’s a young Viggo Mortensen, and the movie is Crimson Tide.


You ain’t mistaken. Crimson Tide, Sir. Well done.



I try for Sicario: Day of the Soldado?