Screen Grab - Movie Game


Again, I’m getting a South American vibe in this one. But I don’t think it’s Sicario.


Either I’m not older nuff to get theese movies or I’m just not watching enough movies cos I’m shit at this game


It’s not any of the Sicario movies.In fact, spanish is the wrong language.


Ok, it has to be a Brazilian film then.


It doesn’t have to be, but it is. :slight_smile:


Well, it’s the only South American country which doesn’t speak Spanish.


Sure, but I never said it’s in South America. :wink:


Yes, that was just my guess. But I have no idea what the movie is called. Yours are tough!


Clue: The movie follows the Brazilian analog of a SWAT team.


Tropa de Elite? 202020202


Yeap. That’s the one. Great movie.

Your turn.


yep, very cool I remember I watched it because Rockstar Games recommeded it on their page showing movies that inspired Max Payne 3

This could be hard


You maybe right.

The only guess I have is “Hard Boiled” and I’m pretty sure that’s not really it.


It’s not hard boiled, it’s new movie (2017), two key words: takeshi Kitano, yakuza


Man, he’s getting old. I always envision him as he looked in Battle Royale when I think of him.

I’m fairly sure I don’t know what the movie is (though the clues are probably more than enough to find out), so I’ll let someone else guess for now.


At first I thought it was Outrage, but then you mentioned it’s a movie from 2017 which confused me.

Had to Google to find out they actually made two sequels I’ve never seen. So I’m pretty sure it’s Outrage Coda.


How Heisenberg would say: you are goddamn right
your turn



Is the movie Dunkirk?


I need to find some tougher ones! You’re correct.