Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yeah, I figure it was wrong but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. :slightly_smiling_face:


Another hint, it’s a single word title with “2” at the end. _____ 2


After trawling through endless wikipedia pages I think I am ready to guess, is it Creep 2? Also is @rattleshnake is your avatar Casey Affleck from A Ghost Story?


Yes on both counts! Big fan of both films.


Never seen Creeps but loved seeing Casey Affleck run around in a bed sheet
I couldn’t decide which film to do n since I think it might expedite the game I am putting two up guess either one or both (if you wanna feel smart)




Second is Gremlins but no idea on the first one.


Close but no cigar it is not Gremlins


If you want hints one is a New Zealand production and the other is a sequel to an Eighties classic.


The first one is an old Peter Jackson flick called Braindead.


Yes, also know as Dead/Alive to non Australian and NZ nations, the second movie was Gremlins 2 The New Batch


Someone can take my turn, I’m at work and I can’t come up with anything right now.



Could you post another image? I’ve got no idea at the moment.


Edited. Trying to not make it too easy :slight_smile:


The Sixth Sense?


No, but very very close!




That’s the one! Your turn.



Ocean’s 8 ?

It must be.