Screen Grab - Movie Game


I don’t think I have seen so much cosmetic surgery in one picture before. It is like the one on the left had a field day in a surgery centre. Sandra Bullock now looks like Michael Jackson if you view her at a certain angle


Right! Your turn.



I know which movie franchise, and which one of the four. :wink:
But, I’ll let someone else guess this time.


Lethal Weapon 2
20 Diplomatic Immunities


YES !!! Blow it up, Riggs !



Lethal Weapon 2 is my favourite of all them. Here is a nice easy one from a classic


The original The Thing.


I am going to give this one to you. But that is the 1984 thing, the first The Thing was done by Howard Hawks in 1952. There is also the 2000 era remake/prequel that sucks


Oh yeah I had forgotten the actual first film. :smiley:

I’ll post a new one later.


Still going next or you want to pass?


Yep, here it is.


We might need a little help with this one.


It’s a movie based on The Thing.


Is it that terrible 2000-whenever remake of The Thing


I think you mean the prequel but it’s not that.


Yeah I keep forgetting it is a prequel, it feels like The Thing but it was ran trough the Hollywood movie machine


Maybe some more hints? Extra pics maybe?


@Beldingford It’s been over a week. Sorry to say If no ones got it by now then I don’t think they ever will so I say we should skip it. No offence intended.


Well I have one, classic comedy all the way