Screen Grab - Movie Game


Hmm…Police Academy?


Not it is not any of the Police Academy movies (what are there like seven of them), not this is first of many car chases in this comedy


Okay, I’ll try for…Naked Gun? (I think there’s either seven or nine Police Academy’s. Only saw the first three though.)


Not it is not the Naked Gun (any of the three movies or six The Police Squad episodes). No this is one of the two films based on a SNL skit to be a watchable funny comedy


Is it The Blues Brothers?


Yes correct. (For the record the other SNL skit is Wayne’s World)



That’s from Commando. Someone else can have my go.


You need to blow off some steam Bennett. So cheesy



Is that Sam Neil?


In The Mouth Of Madness.
Great film !


Yeah sorry I forgot to give more hints, even though I doubt anyone here has seen it due to it being quite an obscure indie movie. Here’s what it was:


Can’t wait to see Sierra’s face when Moses Lee will win.


I’ll take a guess and say…Rush?


The eyes are a dead giveaway. :slight_smile:

Chris Hemsworth


Good guess !
Ready, set, go !


Sorry for the rough quality.



Upgrade. Saw it yesterday. Really liked it.
Someone else can have my go. :slight_smile:


If you need clues, don’t be afraid to ask.


Is it Stripes?