Screen Grab - Movie Game


Is it Dunkirk

20 Evacuations


Nope, it’s neither Dunkirk nor Stripes.

Hint: It was made in 2016.


Is it Dad’s Army?


Second hint: It’s a French film.


In that case is it “Le Please Don’t Shoot”?


It looks like this one may have been too tough, so I’ll tell you all what it is: La folle histoire de Max et Léon (or The Comic Adventures of Max and Leon in English)

To make up for that, here’s a super easy one.


Definitely Saw I - anyone can take my turn.



Is it Blade Runner 2049?



twenty characters


Maybe Independence Day 2?


Not that one either. It’s an anime film.


Ghost in the Shell? If not, I’ve got no idea.


It’s from a manga like GITS but it’s not it. Here, two more screenshots.


Could we possibly get a new movie? This one been going over a week now without even a guess


Sure, your turn. And happy anniversary btw.


Guess I’ll kick things off.


That is The Mask

20 Smooookin


Damn, guess that was easy. :smile:

Your play.


I don’t really have a movie right now, if anyone has a good one and post before I can then they have their turn