Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yeah, I thought I remember the girl on the horse from Dirty Dancing but I didn’t recall her ever riding a horse in that movie, which made me rethink my answer. I’ll dig up something soon.

Who remembers this shit flick? :smile:



Is the movie Steel starring Shaq?


Yep, long before superhero movies finally got good.

Your play.



The wild geese ?

The title is in the image. LOOL :sweat_smile:::clap:


Yes, it is The Wild Geese. Your turn.




The Godfather: Part II?


Good answer! Your turn to play.


I know its not my turn - I just need your help to find the movie behind this picture:


It’s from Gattaca…


Thank you very much!


After this long I don’t think he’s interested in his turn anyway, so anyone can go next if they like.




Is it Leprechaun?

Only thing I can think of where a young Jennifer Aniston would be armed.

It’s Leprechaun. The shot is in the trailer. :slight_smile:

Anyways, here’s my cap:


I don’t know the film, but I’m 90% sure that’s Wallace Shawn from Princess Bride fame.


It sure is Wallace Shawn.

A clue is that this film is set almost entirely in one place.


My Dinner With Andre ?


Yup… That’s the right answer. Your turn.