Screen Grab - Movie Game


I won’t be right since it is the obvious answer but is it Dirty Dancing?


Absolutely! Now it’s the time of your life to play screen grab - movie game :wink:


I didn’t account on me actually getting it so I flogged the first image from the first film that came to my mind. So it’ll be pretty easy


I don’t know if I think it’s so easy, certainly coming up with the answer quickly would be inconceivable!


You guessed it and you couldn’t help yourself could you?:joy:


The Princess Bride right?


@Kent already got it but since you did actually follow the rules as preordained and I don’t think Kent is around yet. You can have the turn


Oh. That was my intention by not explicitly saying the name of the movie.


Here’s a movie I haven’t thought about in a decade, but I think I’d like to see it again sometime.


Is it Edward Scissorhands?


Got it quick, fast and in a hurry! :+1:



The Hunt For Red October?


Yup, the only movie where a Russian captain has a Scottish accent.


:laughing: Oh so true.


Time for a hint?


It’s Halloween from 2018.


Just gonna say Halloween 2018, dunno if I’m right

Fuck Mads beat me to it gdammit


Damn I forgot about this but yep, that is correct. Your turn @Mads47.


Here you go, guess away.