Screen Grab - Movie Game


Is it Indepedence Day?








I’ll upload another picture if the next guess is wrong.


Is the movie titled Changing?


Please post another, I have no clue.


Second Picture

Still the same movie.


No I meant is that the name of the movie, sorry. But I see now it’s not.


The book of Eli?



It’s kinda close, but no.


The Road?



It’s the movie number 6 in a long running series and the final chapter.


Lol I’ll let someone else take a shot. I have a guess now, but I feel I’ve spent mine


I’m going to take a random guess and say sharknado :joy:.


Well, since I have one ready to go and I’m fairly certain I’m right, Its Resident Evil 6, right?


Yours makes more sense :sweat_smile:.


but yours gave a laugh!


I was ready to upload a picture of Milla Jovovich in the movie.




Nah! can’t be too obvious! That last clue gave it away!

First pic was hella difficult though. I’m just now realizing that kid is probably choking from some virus or whatever. lol I’ve only seen a few of the REs