Screen Grab - Movie Game


Is that James and the Giant Peach?

ET was my first thought too


No not a Spielberg movie


Is it Big then?


No but it is a Tom Hanks movie


Oh BTW it is not Castaway so don’t go there


Sleepless in Seattle?

My last one as I can just start railing off his filmography lol


Give you a clue, 1990 the year I was born.


ProGaming tip if you know the answer than just guess it. It is the whole point of the game.


Joe versus the volcano, I like Tom Hanks.


That is correct. Well done!


Only if it starts taking a while. It can get boring up at the top, where you’re the only one who knows anything :smile:


Hey sometimes I reverse Google search.


That’s cheating, you have to wait at least a day before you result to that. Tut tut.


And I do. Sometimes I take a whole extra day as well. Out of deference to a really hard one.


Good, I hate it when the game comes to a halt.


I think a week should be allowed. That’s me though


Hence it is my nuclear option.

Nah I tooled around with the idea but a week is far too long.


No matter, many of my screenshots are organically taken and reverse searching does nothing for ya!



Oh mate there are ways I can dig don’t you worry. If not then the game dies and it will be on you.


@BLACKPANTHER_UK it’s your turn.