Screen Grab - Movie Game




Quest for fire?




Is it Castaway…?


Yes, that one was for @Accidental-kills98 :joy:.


Damn by one second. A split second.


Okay, I keep thinking I have a good one, so I probably don’t. But I think this is a good one:


No idea who he is..


Good. :grin:

He is a knowable actor these days.


He looks familiar but no clue.


Hard to tell from the screenshot, but that’s Bobby Cannavale.


The rom-com Ant-Man prequel, in which we discover how Scott Lang’s wife moved on with her life and met a great new guy after Scott went to prison.

That actually is my best guess. lol


I don’t watch superhero movies, and I don’t believe you’ve mentioned the title, so I’m gonna say no.


The agent, the station agent.


The Station Agent is correct. I believe it was a challenging go, on to you @BLACKPANTHER_UK


It was until you told me the actors name anyway.


I absolutely loved this movie as a teen and watched it many times.



The Quest? I recognized Jean-Claude Van Damme, even though I wasn’t sure what film it was from. I’d probably get most of his movies pre-2000.


Yes, great movie as were all his films back then.


Really liked this film. Good acting. Very suspenseful.

Clue: It’s not Star Wars or The Avengers. Don’t say I never give you anything. :stuck_out_tongue: