Screen Grab - Movie Game


I’ve seen it and I obviously know who he is but not the title again. I will leave it to someone else.


Yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard even for someone who’s not seen it. There are a couple of obvious things to Google search for there.


I think that’s Lakeview Terrace, right?



About a racist cop (Sam Jackson) who strongly disapproves of the mixed-race couple living next door.


Yeah, I remember watching it years ago. Good flick.





Yes I know this film: Liam Neeson Gets Kidnapped By Wolves

Also known as The Grey


Lucas Grey perhaps? He looks like him😂


Know, it is due to name of the typical type of wolf: Grey Wolf


Clearly the wolves have never seen Taken. :smile: Your play.


Alright time for my Ultra Hard Mode.


Think we’re gonna need a clue, mate.


Based off of a John Buchan novel.


The 39 steps.

Anyone can go


Don’t mind if I do. Watching this right now, really good so far. Breath of fresh air from all the generic movies they spew out now days.



Hello! :heart_eyes: No idea what the film is.


It’s a recent film, stop perving at the beautiful lady.


It is Bad times at the El Royale ? I looked it up back, when you mentioned it here before, saw her in the cast and thought what a redemption ark after 50 shades franchise :smile:


That’s why she looked familiar, I only watched the first one and it was garbage. Yes you are correct.


Haven’t seen this one yet, but i’m going to soon