Screen Grab - Movie Game


My best guess is Let the Right One In?

I think I’ve seen the actress before, but I don’t know her name or anything she’s in


You’re right with the actress i think, it’s not Let the Right One In (or its US version), but it is the same actress that was in that US remake.


Clouds of Sils Maria?

I think I was wrong about the actress.


That actress is in that movie too, so you’re probably right about her :smiley:

The movie is a recent one.


I’ll go with Suspiria then, that’s my final guess


And you got it :+1:

Big fan of the original Suspiria, so i’m quite curious about this new take bc it doesn’t look like your another typical cynical remake.


An older one, but famous


Once Upon A Time in the West?

Edit: Wait, I changed my mind. Just looked up the scene I thought it was, and it isn’t that. (opening at the train station)

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is correct.



Thought it was flubber but it isn’t.


It looks more sinister than that


It is indeed not Flubber.

I don’t know that I would describe it as sinister. I mean, the guy in the picture is not a good guy. but the word “sinister” doesn’t really belong in this movie I’d argue.


Wild guess - Trainspotting?


This really bugs me because I recognise the guy but not his name or what he’s been in.


Same, it’s in my head, somewhere…


I don’t think it’s the guy I thought, I have another guy in my head who looks similar but no idea what he’s in.


For some reason I wanna say Blade Runner.

Probably off by a mile.


It’s not Trainspotting or Blade Runner


From the same scene: