Screen Grab - Movie Game


Ah, that did it - Rumble in the Bronx, my first Jackie Chan movie.


That’s correct. Your turn.


Gonna go for a hard one. At least I think it is…


It isn’t, batman and robin.


Actually it is so I guess that makes you wrong. :wink:


Haha you know what I meant! That’s the scene where she races the motorbike and robin follows her and races too. She is gorgeous and recognised her straight away.




Wish the pic was a little bigger but is that Amanda Seyfried?


Don’t know her name sorry.


Looks asian to me, so I wouldn’t say it’s Amanda Seyfried.


That rules out my guesses. Hope someone else can get it.


It is indeed Asian..


Are you saying it’s an asian movie? I was just saying she looks asian. :slight_smile:


It is an Asian movie yes.


Complete stab in the dark - I Saw The Devil?


Correct, very good movie and very violent!


Wow, wasn’t expecting that to be right. I’ve only heard about the film but since you give it a good rating, I might check it out sometime.


Can’t recommend it enough, I’ve seen it twice now. I might even watch it again, talking about it has me wanting to.




I know this, is it marked for death?