Screen Grab - Movie Game


Correct! One of Steven Seagal’s better movies.


Yes I think there are about 4/5 good ones and 50 that are complete garbage! I loved his films and used to watch them at quite a young age when I visited my dad’s house at the weekends. My dad had them all on VHS and clearly didn’t mind that I wasn’t 18 :rofl:. The top image just clicked for me instantly.


Pretty much the same case with my mom - former die hard fan. :smile:


I think this will be easy, it’s pretty well known.



Off the top of my head…Time Cop?


Yep, I knew it would be easy. What a great film back in the day.


Should be an easy one.


Uh wild guess but Planet Terror?


Afraid not.


Oh well but it does look like a neo-grindhouse director like Rodriguez or Tarantino.


You’re on the right track.


From dusk till Dawn?




Ah Shit that was my next guess.


@Accidental-kills98 should go. His guess and the following clue are the only reason I got it.

I’m away from my computer anyway


Well I appreciate Smith’s generosity. Shame I had to pull up what I know is an easy one.



Y’all do the best films while I’m away from the Internet. I see how it is :unamused:



The Darjeeling Limited?


That is correct. Now it is your turn.