Screen Grab - Movie Game


It was Dumplings, well done!

If you’re thinking of watching it, I recommend you watch the short film version, rather than the feature length.


Will do! (That’s the first time i’m hearing to rather watch the shorter version of something :smiley: )

Keeping with the asian theme, but this should be an easy one:


Is it Shin Godzilla?




The short version is tighter and better for it. Too much fat on the feature length.

Oh, and that’s The Audition.


Yup, knew you get it :laughing:


Ok, apologies if this pic upsets anyone, it’s kinda… Yeah.



Oh Jeez kid! Right after I had my lunch! Is it that detestable movie “A Serbian Film”


I forgot Fredo was in Dog Day


lol, Al and Fredo



Oh I always though he was Dente. I always confuse the two.


Nah mate, it’s not ASF, fuck that movie.


We probably shouldn’t who knows what that sick movies fetish is.

Seriously that picture is un-nerving I hope someone guess correctly soon


Honestly that’s the only film I’ve ever seen that I’ve just wanted to walk the fuck away from. Well, that and Jurassic World.


I would rather watch JW a hundred times than watch ASF all the way through.


10, tops.



If it’s another asian one, i’m more aware of the silly ones, this one looks like too realistic, so no idea.


It is Asian, yes. Great movie, this is the darkest scene by a ways, don’t judge it too harshly.


That would be Dream Home. The opening with the zip tie still kind of haunts me.


Well done dude, you got it :blush:


Well Shnake I hope your pic is less morbid.

Not to mention easy.:grinning: