Screen Grab - Movie Game


Oh shit the rest must be unicorns and rainbows then. Is it bad I’m adding this and dumplings to my watch list? I think I need help.


And with that, I’m off to bed. Try not to have all my favourite films up while I’m gone :joy: Laters.


Don’t watch either with somebody who is pregnant. You have been warned.


I don’t know any pregnant women so it’s cool.


Ohh. Checking it out, that main lady looks like asian Noomi Rapace. I may need to add it to my watchlist too then :smile:


Head Explodes



Good actor but cast in shitty roles recently. She’s not your typical sexy girl but she is sexy in her own way.


Cheekbones of gods :heart:



Whats with all the gore?

Any clues to share, @rattleshnake ?


We are on a game forum about a hitman. It probably attracts people who enjoy gore in games and movies etc :joy:.


True. I like gore on a realistic, Tarantino level, but not to excess, like the Hostel series, or Saw, or what has been hinted at here recently.

Personal taste though, no ill will harbored


Can’t even tell what’s going on in that pic, kinda dark.


He’s sitting down holding a gun while covered in blood.


Pffffft I dunno.

Blue Whale.


I’m sure i’ve seen this scene somewhere, but the guy is also too generic looking to pinpoint, where exactly.


I’m the same, I know I’ve seen his face but can’t place it.


Here’s another screenshot. Meta-horror-comedy that came out last year.



I avoid horror-comedies like they were VX, so I’m out :joy:


And i got severe young people face blindness so i’m still lost :laughing: