Screen Grab - Movie Game


Oh, is it slice? I almost wanted to post a shot from it, but I haven’t seen it.


Nope, not Slice. Another hint: main character in first screenshot was in The Cabin in the Woods.

The movie is You Might be the Killer. Someone else can go next!


Same theme


Happy Death Day?




I hear Jason Blum has at least another 29 sequels planned. In addition to the Invisible Man movie his studio is doing




Oh that is easy Raw. I didn’t even see the film and I know. French are weird in horror.


Raw is so good definitely check it out.


Yup! (French are my favourite:))


Well here I am. It is my turn, as you know this will not be easy…


Umm… isn’t that Hoří má panenko? (The Firemen’s Ball)



…but of course it is incredibly easy and someone defies my expectations and raging exceptionalism.

You are right, Shaw you are up.


I’m czech, bad move, picking a czech director :smiley:


Oh I didn’t know you were Czech until you wrote in the language
The film is The Haunting


Damn, I was going to guess the fireman’s ball!

But a mix of me thinking I was wrong and wanting to post it myself stopped me. I feel foolish


And you got it again!


Yep I saw the spiral staircase and that was enough for me.

Alright now this one is tricky.


Yeah…no clue. But guy looks kinda like a blend of Bowie and Jagger.


Hmm Well all I am willing to say right now is that it is a Eastern European film and it was referenced in a Pink Floyd Song from their Final Cut album.

Also yes that pose does make him look British Rock Star