Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yeah I thought it was Bowie but the film looked too old.

@Accidental-kills98 is it Ashes and Diamonds? Took some strong wikipedia perusing to come up with that.


Yes it is Ashes and Diamonds

Also I confess I like the Dancing In The Street music video they look like they are having fun. Not that kind of fun though


No, its that kind of fun.

Do you recommend Ashes and Diamonds? Wiki said Scorsese cites it as one of his favorites of all time


Yes Ashes and Diamonds is a fantastic Realist film. Luckily it is a Criterion film so it should make it easy to get.


Hopefully someone gets it quick, I don’t think everyone here will know it.

Those that do should know it pretty quickly though


The 400 Blows?
I know of it but I can’t place it.


Quick it was. That’s another good realist film. I thought @LordShaw might get it as he mentioned french movies. It’s an oldie though (Your turn)


Meant french horrors, not french movies generally :wink:


But none the less it is a good film I hear. I have yet to see it (story of my life).



I’m pretty sure we’ll need clues if this is not in English given it’s apparent age. At least one to start


French New Wave neo-noir dystopia film. Usually I would say the director but he is kinda famous


I take it we’re fine with full on cheaty google spree with these non-english ones? (no reverse search tho)


I can hand out more hints.


You didn’t have to add all that, I noticed (I think) that was Anna Karina.


@LordShaw I think our general rule here is google is always fine but no reverse searching unless it has been forever since a guess


Yes it is Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville


Okay, I’ll shift gears to a little easier mode…

here’s a childhood favorite, coming from a 26 year old American for reference…


Is it mouse trap? That was my first thought, don’t know why.


You’re really close


Shit, i know who the guy with the pencil moustache is, bc he was in Lexx and Stargate, but i can’t find which movie of his this is…
Wait, did @BLACKPANTHER_UK just messed up the name and it’s Mousehunt?


Yes, feel free to give him your turn if you feel he earned it