Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yaya, i just wanted to distinguish it from what Mads47 guessed and coudn’t quickly come up with the year from memory.


Yeah you called it. I just looked it up, your play. :ok_hand:


I just don’t recall that shot of the space ship in Carpenter’s The Thing, But they do visit the ship in the prequel from 2011.


I reversed searched the image it is indeed from the John Carpenter’s The Thing


I love you guys, but I am shocked and disappointed that it took so long for the right version of The Thing to be named. Well done, @Kent, Glad somebody else knew it immediately :grinning:


Heyy! I knew, i just don’t remember this scene, bc last time i saw it, it was on VHS and the recording got holes in it, cuz dad sucked at cutting out the commercial pauses, but i knew! :joy:


Yeah I don’t even remember that shot in the movie. Must be a different edit of the movie or something.


I’m willing to bet it is in every version :grin:


Yeah I guess so. Still now that I think about it I remember the Howard Hawke’s version of the reveal better.


You are correct. My favourite film :smile:

EDIT: I’m reading all of this confusion, amazing! I didn’t realise it’d be so hard, I want an easy one just to keep the thread going :joy:


You’ll go far :grin:



If the idea is that I got it, and it’s my go, then:


Jeepers Creepers?



i said it first… :disappointed_relieved:


The Mask of Zorro?


It is Mask of Zorro.


I’m gonna let @LordShaw have my turn as he did more or less say The Thing first. :wink:


Thank you. I just want to be acknowledged, ya know :joy:



Tank Girl!



Yep! :grinning: