Screen Grab - Movie Game


Well when you post famous movie stars on this game the first thing we do is look them up. Speaking of that here is a picture with two movie stars.



If anyone hasn’t seen Assassins (1995), I highly recommend it. Written by the Wachowski’s and directed by Richard Donner. It’s way better than your average 90’s thriller!


You might do that, :joy:



Hey I am pretty sure Smith and Shaw do Google searches. And I have stated a million times I only reverse search if the game goes to long without being played AND I don’t have a good film.


Alright man, no worries! :joy:


I do it too actually. I follow the clues based on the posted film, be it a actor, item, scene and so on but I don’t consider it cheating.


Very well, this will be factored in to future entries.


Hey remember I have posted my screenshot. Feel free to stumble blindly as you guess.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: nah. I don’t know it, so I’m out.


Ishtar, “Dustin Hoffman desert”

Thanks google


Yeah the only pictures I could find all have Dustin Hoffman’s face in them. Still anytime somebody’s gotta use Google to figure it out it is a victory.


I’ve never seen it either but I know that’s Dustin Hoffman at a young age, so I would look up movies he’s been in to find a pic closest to the one Accidental-kills98 posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise I probably wouldn’t guess half the movies here because I haven’t seen them.


Not sure how searchable this one is, but if you’ve seen the movie, you should know it immediately.

It’s the most memorable scene


I only know Istar as a flop whose trailer was used as a gag by Red Letter Media


This I have seen - Eastern Promises. :grin:


Yup. What a scene


Anytime some fuck busts out one of those small, claw-like knives, you know you’re in for some shit…



Well…anyone who does that is either incredibly dangerous or incredibly stupid so it’s 50/50. Just saying. :wink:


Yeah Alita Battle Angel. Really? That film JUST came out


Figure that be easy. Your play. :+1: