Screen Grab - Movie Game


First movie? It had absolutely nothing to do with The Wages Of Fear on an official level. But yes Wages is the superior film.


I know, that’s what I meant, the first film to adapt the source material.


That’s a tough one, doom. That’s a train, right?


It is a train, yes.

20 characters


It is Runaway Train?


It is Runaway Train :blush:


Continuing the means of transportation theme



Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?




Then I’ve no clue, and am going to bed. Good luck :blush:


Looks like Bond. Is it Goldfinger? Is that Oddjob jumping?


Not Bond. It’s French btw.


Le Samourai? Probs my last guess for a while


Nope. Another vehicle



I’m not at all into French cinema, so I have no clue…


and with the face?



Nope, fraid not lol. I’m sure someone else will get it soon.


I guess not. It’s Fantomas, with Louis de Funès. Thought it’s going to be an easy one, but i’m just finding out, that it’s one of those things:

  • “He was (and often still is) a household name in many countries such as Greece, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, GDR Germany, Spain, Turkey, Albania, Romania, the USSR, Iran and Yugoslavia yet remained almost unknown in the English-speaking world. He was exposed to a wider audience only once in the United States, in 1974, with the release of The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, which was nominated for a Golden Globe.”

He’s massive here and when i was in Poland or Belgium, Louis de Funès references were common there too, so assumed his movies are known like that normally elsewhere as well.

It never occurred to me, that his movies never really crossed the pond. You playing are all from english speaking countries, right? It’s hard to guess what’s famous where :sweat_smile:

Anyone can take it.


Should I check Fantomas out? I love new, foreign movies (that are good)


Elusive Target #5: The Unknown :rofl: