Screen Grab - Movie Game


Yeah, i would recommend it! It got disguises, various chase scenes, nice cars, cool gadgets and stuff. I loved it as a kid, but i need to rewatch it, if the humor holds up tho.


We don’t do many animated films here, I imagine because the animation style would be too easy of a giveaway. Hopefully this one is challenging:


No one? The above is a depiction of George Gershwin


Oh Rhapsody In Blue


That’s not a movie to my knowledge, but an iteration of that composition is playing during this scene


Well it would have to be Fantastia then.


It’s Fantasia 2000, but I accept your answer


Well lets see how long this one takes.



Oh it’s fucking… Yeah! :rofl:


I take it you have the answer… This is not a guess the line game.:joy:


Doesn’t matter if you have to google it. But you are right. If you manage to post before Doom does then it is your turn and vice versa.


Might be wild guessing but Hardboiled?






District 13? :joy:

I dunno.


Something called The Nest? (no, scratch that, that’s older than District 13)


Jean-Pierre Jeunet? (so The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet?)

I hate his movies :joy:


Then it got to be Mic Macs à Tire-Larigot (or whatever it is in english :joy:)


Um… :no_mouth:


THAT… looks right up my street :grinning::joy:


Yep, c’mon, i picked this one, thinking you will get it right out of the gate :smile: