Screen Grab - Movie Game


Would That be First Reformed?


It is not, sorry.


That’s alright the patriarch looked a lot like Ethan Hawke in First Reformed so I figured I’d take a shot


The Clovehitch Killer

I could have sworn the guy was Clive Owen at first, but no, it’s his creepier twin Dylan McDermott.


Yep that’s right, fantastic film that I recommend to anyone who enjoys Fincher-esque serial killer movies. The most realistic depiction I’ve seen on film, based pretty heavily around BTK. You’re up.



Edit: No one?



The Dead Zone, only because of the Stillson for Senator.


That’s correct, your turn.



That is simple Run Lola Run


Jason Bourne?
Looks like the same actress, and they were both in Germany.


That’s the one. Your turn.


Here is mine if you really think you have got it then you can have the win. I am hopefully going to try to get some sleep.


Gangs of New York. Now get some rest. :slight_smile:

My turn is up for the taking.


It is the same actress



Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missourri





An obscure shot of the movie, but should be obvious.

Going to bed, so anyone sure of themselves can post after their guess. They will feel my wrath tomorrow if they’re wrong :slight_smile:


I think it’s No Country For Old Men…