Screen Grab - Movie Game




If you know you’ve got it, go ahead, won’t be around to confirm for a few hours.


The Neon Demon for sure.

Another one i wanted to post, but you got to it first :smile:




Natural Born Killers. Looking at this pic makes want to watch it again.

My turn is up for grabs.


That’s correct.


Haha, sorry, you have good taste! :grin:


That’s “The Fall”. Fairly certain.



Hmmm, I can’t place that actress but I know I’ve seen her before. The guy’s face looks strange.

The Fall was an interesting movie, btw. I know my next SC when I get one correct.

Random guess: Benjamin Button?


Mission Impossible? If it is, someone else can take my turn.


It is Mission Impossible.

Guys face looks strange because it’s Tom Cruise in makeup. :slight_smile:


Dracula (1931)?





Just The Handmaiden…
The Handmaid’s Tale is a TV show :grinning:


Real interesting pic. No idea what it is though but its got me curious.


I couldn’t find what I really want so I had to go with a memed image. Curious to see if any of you know where it is from.


“Screenshot” is from Vampire’s kiss.


That is correct now it is your turn.


This should be an easy one: