Screen Grab - Movie Game


I hope it’s a hard one but there are plenty of evident clues


Murder by Death

Only know bc I did a paper on Charles Addams years ago back at uni, and he created a poster for it :smile:

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Nice one, you’re up


Had this one on my ‘to watch’ list since it came out few years ago, and i finally got to it recently. Loved it, good music too.

Edit: No one? :disappointed_relieved: It got a kitty in it:

and a vampire. That should make it super googleable.


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Not an easy google


I am going to say Sicario.


Got eeeeeem


Well the Mexican flag made it easy. So I’ll make mine somewhat easy.


Is that Matthew Mconnahey in a Lincoln ad? :rofl:

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No. It is not Matthew Mcconaughy in a Lincoln ad.

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I know
20 laugh out louds


Gonna need to some help with this one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it was the passion project of David Byrne.