Screen Grab - TV Show Game


The same as the other two games but this time with TV shows. Post a photo of the TV show and people have to guess which show it’s from.

This is an easy one :grin:.


Breaking Bad. Fuck you. Kidding of course


Sorry it had to be done, your turn.


Actually with that pic, Shouldn’t it be “Breaking Bad Bitch”.


I should ask do cartoons and anime count?


Oh crap i didn’t even realize the name of the show is in the corner! :joy: ignore that please


I don’t see why not, I have no clue on yours.


Good one! It’s a little difficult to make out unless you’ve already seen it. :slight_smile:


wonder showzen

And I was able to confirm from the name on the bottom-sorry. LOL

Here is mine:


Boondocks. Damn good show, as my avatar suggest.

My turn is up for grabs.


Here’s a weird one. I promise this is the last freebie I take. :smile:


Is this from a TV show? Looks like a movie. :thinking:


Yes, it’s a tv show. It’s probably impossible to figure out unless you’ve watched the scene. Hint: foreign occupation.


Any other clue? Like the actor or something? :wink:


Sure, the guy on the container was once called Sawyer. :slight_smile:


Hmm… I am guessing you mean the TV show ‘Lost’…


Colony! :smiley:


Ding ding ding, you won! Quite a nice show btw, very underrated.


Nice clues man! :thumbsup: