Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Not to go too off topic, but were you satisfied with how they wrapped up season 3? Just a quick Google search seems to say they did a good job. Cliffhangers for things to never come suck!


“If you could maybe just give her some raisins or maybe an apple or something nasty one of your kids got, you just re-candy.”

“Mommy, can we do a trick?”
“You bet your batty nine-year-old ass we can.”


I haven’t seen the last two episodes before, I’m on episode eight of season three now. I watched them all before except the last two as I got sidetracked. It’s sucks big time the show got cancelled but apparently there is still hope for a season four if someone picks it up. I really hope it happens but even if it does it probably won’t be out for around two years.


That is Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimtom as Maw Maw and Virginia Chance in “Raising Hope”.
Sorry for killing this thread. Twice. Someone else wanna take the honor of posting a new screen?



Hey, I’ve been here first! Your screenshot is from The 100 so here’s mine again.


I was posting as you posted so I didn’t see it but yes that’s correct :+1:.


I don’t have any idea regarding yours, I think we need clues again :joy:.


Rescue Me?




This text will be blurred


I use to watch it too. Good show at first but it seem to gradually lose steam over time.


Cowboy Bebop?
I guess that means it’s my turn to kill the thread again. Haha






Doctor Who? Hate Tony’s sickly look in this one…




Simple one! :slight_smile:


That’s Game of Thrones, when Ned gets ambushed by the kingsguard outside the brothel?


Yes! Your turn.


I’ll pass huehuehue, somebody else can take my turn