Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Hint: New show on Netflix.


I was gonna say wilfred but then you said it was a new show


His name is Elijah wood, feel free to google as nobody seems to know it.


I knew the name. He stars in a show called wilfred too


Sorry for not knowing the Above shows name… So google tells me it is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Anyways this is a tricky one… But the show is very famous not a secret show or a hidden Netflix flick but well known. Only the observant followers will know from what show it is.



What triggered the violent ends, was it the delights? or an image buried under the sands




Yes… This is the image that was used in westworld. The one that triggered Abernathy. Delores’s father. This image was originally taken from Getty images for the show.
The hint should have been more subtle… Like “This Doesn’t look like anything to me”


My turn’s up for grabs.


I’ll take the turn


Easy Peasy guys… :ok_hand:


The file name is a giveaway?


Woops didn’t notice that before.


Easy one.


Sherlock! I actually saw that episode a few weeks ago.


Extra points if you remember who he’s portraying. :yum:


That’s Bert Macklin, FBI, from Parks & Rec! Love that show. Need to rewatch it soon :smiley:

Anyone can go :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m watching it for the first time through. I was a bit skeptical if i would like it at first but i fell in love with the characters. Bonus clip!


Let’s bring some life back into this.


20 characters