Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Since I know I’m correct, I’ll go ahead and post this.


The Sopranos?



You are correct! It is The Sopranos.


I can’t think of many TV shows at the moment so somebody can go next.



Boardwalk Empire? 111


Hell yeah



No one here playing a TV Game knows who Arthur Fonzarelli is? For shame!! :joy:


Guessing from the last pic - Arrested Development?


That’s right :slight_smile:That’s Seth Rogen and Kristen Wigg in second one btw


I recognized them but it wasn’t until the third pic that the name came to mind.


That’s Gotham. 202020


That it is!





Might be hard to guess. If so, I’ll post another image.

Since I’m confident you guys won’t guess this one, here’s another.


I recognize the guy from True Blood and remember he was in the season of The Wire where the setting was on the docks. That it?


You actually got it!


Was it because of that second picture?


:joy: ya it was fluke guess I just happened to recognize the guy in the 2nd pic like u said and remembered him from the show it was a memorable series to me