Screen Grab - TV Show Game


That be Narcos - another great one.


Yup :slight_smile:111111111111111


Anyone can take my turn.




It’s fucking “wiedzmin” a la “hexer” a la “shitty show made in Poland”


:joy:I like it but I’m big Witcher fan and read the books which the show is based from directly, unlike the games which spin their own narrative. Witcher 3 one of the best games overall in history of gaming imo :blush:


Yo liked show?!! My brother is a biggest fan of witcher I ever know and he quit watching it after 4 episodes :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope We will get proper series from netflix, Can’t wait


I watch them on youtube but not the greatest quality :+1:but I heard rumors of new adaptation possibly coming out :slight_smile:


You mean adaptation from Netflix?


:grinning: This should be better than old one but I guess that’s not too difficult :laughing: I just hope they stay true to the stories like Polish version


Real question is when They will start making series, hope pretty soon

My wet dream is that Netflix or HBO are doing adaptation of Half_Life , it would be great, story in HL is very good and also this atmosphere and style, it would fit perfectly for tvshow





Goddamnit! You got me. Too easy?


Nah I just know that series well :slight_smile:





That’s right :slight_smile:’’’’’’



I have question about Deadwood
It is any good? I never had chance to watch this show


I thought so but I’m a western fan. It focuses on the character in my shot and another main one. It is based in a historic place where legends of the west visit liken Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp.

Is that Sopranos btw? :smiley: