Screen Grab - TV Show Game


yes :slight_smile:

so it is brutal and realistic like other famous hbo series?


Absolutely :wink:


I’m guessing House of Cards? If that’s right, almost anyone can go next. Almost. :wink:


That’s right :slight_smile: ’ ’ ’


I’ll take Nazareth’s go, then, as my foray into this forum, with one of my favourite shows of all time.

Good luck!


Far too much boobage to be Lady Mae and Gordon Selfridge has a laser gun? Yeah, it’s not Mr. Selfridge (My most recent binge watch). LOL
(Reverse Googled after recognizing both actors, so I’m out.) I never would have got it anyway.


It is a pretty obscure show, due to its lack of popularity.


Since people seem to be having some trouble with this, here’s a hint: It’s a BBC program, a spin-off of another famous English TV show.




Yes! Good job, love that show.


And that, good sir, is Generation Kill! My dad made me watch a few episodes, once, because he quite liked the show.


If you can get the show, that’s pretty good, but if you can name me the exact episode and the name of the main villain and monster then I will name my next pet after you.


Doctor Who, Episode - School Reunion?

Edit: Don’t remember the villain name though…


Correct! Just have to remember the villains name and the monsters, now, huehue!



Luther, that’s Henry Madsen. Put in the hospital after Luther fails to kill him in the first episode, killed by Alice Morgan in the fourth as a show of some kind of loyalty. I love Luther so much, honestly. A phenomenal show that’s finally been revived for at least a fifth season

My turn:


Correct I lost track of where I got to ages ago so I’ve decided to start from scratch. I’m currently on season 1 episode 4 but I think I watched at least the first two seasons and part of three previously. My girlfriend is watching the new season so I’m binge watching from the start to catch up.


Nice, enjoy. The new season’s great, won’t spoil anything for you.


Thanks, it’s your turn I believe?


I’ve updated my post with my screengrab