Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Damn, this thread was inactive for two years. I really want to revive this one, honestly, it’s a fun game


Riverdale, the sherrifs son.


Yesss, well done. Guess it’s your go again then, haha


Hope this is right as I haven’t actually seen the show in question but it looks good.


No clue, hopefully someone else nabs this one


I picked one that wasn’t obvious so I hope it’s right as I don’t believe this guy is a main character :joy:.


Into the Badlands?

20 bad lands


Never mind, it’s true detective. You gotta change the title when you upload.

Also, I’ve heard every season outside of 1 is bad. 1 is the only one I’ve watched


My favorite show of all time, and my favorite episode


I thought that might happen, I hovered over it and didn’t see anything so assumed others wouldn’t either. Not sure how to change it on my phone.


It looks familiar but I can’t place it. I’m going to guess Fargo?


Good guess, but no



Another guess then, twin peaks?


Nope. The show premiered in 1999 and I am not alone in it being my favorite of all time.

Screenshot is from Season 3.

Couple more wrong guesses and I’ll post another screen grab, but it will likely give it away


Last guess based on air date and a quick Google search, The Vice?


Nope. I’ve never heard of that one, actually


In that case I give up, hopefully someone else will figure it out.


I guess my initial screenshot wasn’t fair. Only a hardcore fan would know. Last clue, ignore the orange circle obviously:


Is it the sopranos, looks like that type of thing.