Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Beat you to it :yum:, assuming it’s correct.


Haha 20 characters got me I was trying to beat u


I know it got me too, I had to add extra words :laughing:.


Sopranos is correct



Only seen a few episodes of this and couldn’t get into it but here we go…


Hellboy the TV show, 2020, starring Ron Perlman. That’s the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation’s director, and he’s probably recruiting new people with unusual abilities to work for him.

Yeah … I don’t know. :slight_smile:


You didn’t like arrested development? It’s been a while since I got into it, and I couldnt get into the netflix reboot


It was ok, I don’t think I have it enough of a chance to be honest. You’re up.


I take it you’re from the UK so you will probably know this one.

Not as popular here in the states, unfortunately. I loved it!


Haven’t seen it but I believe it’s called The IT crowd?



Batter up.


Probably very easy…


It is easy. The clapboard has the shows name on it: Peaky Blinders

Anyone can take my turn.


Oops haha, I will leave it to someone else.


Since I’m probably not going to win a round, I’ll take my chance.

No need to get the specific season subtitle, just the main name of the show.

P.S. Sorry if this is a re-peat; I’m new to the thread.

Hint: The show is much more violent than the above shot suggests, but any picture of the main character doing his thing would probably give it away to anyone with good general knowledge.

Edit: Actually, this one’s better for guessers, because it subtly suggests the time period and themes.


And I suppose if you watched it, you know it, anyway, so a few extra clues are irrelevant. lol



Quite relevant for any other British people, think detective series!


You have to correctly guess the previous picture posted before you can post your own. Luther, S5E02 (or 01, can’t remember whih episode she was killed in


Oh! Sorry! (And good job :wink:)


Is that Spartacus @David47?


Correct, Agent Smith!

You’re up.