Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Maybe too easy, but a favorite scene


Also, question for the future:

Do limited series/miniseries count? Like single season shows or whatever?


I can’t think of his name, I’ve seen him in small and forgettable movie roles.


Entourage, right? If correct than anyone can have my turn.



Batter up.


Gonna pinch another free go:

Edit: I saw this on Netflix and I’m not sure it’s been broadcast anywhere else; sorry if that’s against the rules.


Altered carbon! :heart:


Correct! Really good cyberpunk show, if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am).

Sure you’re not cybernetically enhanced, Lord Shaw? That was quick. lol

Your go.


I saw Dichen Lachman, i had to react :smiley: Yeah, loved it (except the finale, what was kinda let down)

Alright, let’s try this:

Another clue:

it should be easy even tho the show is a little bit on the older side now


Yeah, she’s amazing. I was gonna post a screenshot featuring present-day Takeshi Kovacs, but as soon as I saw that pic I had to use it instead.

Sorry, I don’t know what show the bondage alien is from … I’ll have to pass for now.






It too starts with an F, but no :slight_smile:



20 obscure sci-fi shows


Yes! You up!

(obscure?? Tss, cult classic!)


Oh anyoe can take my turn. I never expected to be right.



That would be Deadwood


That’s right, you’re up


I’m going to jump in to keep things moving.


It’s a new Netflix show.