Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Yeah, everybody knows the main players. I should’ve tried for someone more in the background but maybe next time.


Hey, I can’t complain. I posted a picture of Superman. lol


Also a popular one (it seems). We’ll see how fast it goes:


Handmaid’s tale


Popular indeed. @LordShaw, make me proud.


Should have picked one of those scenes drowned in darkness, where’s hard to see anything :smile:

Let try something… different, hmm


Well damn that shit could be anything. Futurama? :rofl:


Looks like stargate or star trek or something.


My intial thought was Firefly, although I haven’t seen any of it and it’s a total shot in the dark


Nah, it’s really weird, dumb and intentionally bad. But it got great main theme and this guy :smiley:


Got it the show is called Lexx


Love me some Tim Curry


Accidental-kills98 strikes again :laughing: Yup, that’s right


I am going into hard mode here hopefully. I wanna see what you are made outta.



20 trees in the forest


Yes, apparently my hard mode was not as hard as I though.


lol. It was, it’s just always easier when there’s a famous star in the shot.

I saw an episode or two ages ago, but I still needed the Mighty Google.


Oh well if you had to use Google… No matter there will always be next time. I am one of the biggest geeks on the planet. My knowledge of this shit is so dense and intense NASA called it a Neutron Star.


I think google is permissable for these style threads as long as you don’t reverse image search. That is unsportsmanlike.


Cough @Accidental-kills98 cough.