Screen Grab - TV Show Game


It does make sense when nobody knows though, and no one has replied for over a week


Hey no fair! I am Australian, we can’t play a game of cricket with out cheating.

Hey I have my reasons they are…


Yeah, if we can’t do some digging, then there’s not much of a game. You either know it or you don’t.


Team India knows.


It is nice you edited the “no”, I would have laid into like a Honduran whore for that


While searching that milenium show I found another with the same name based on the girl with the dragon tattoo films. Didn’t know they made a mini series, will have to check it out.


See, we’re learning shit! Thanks Google?


I always Google if I know the actor but not the film.


Yeah most people only know Millenium via The X-Files since both shows are Chris Carter shows and they crossed over once. But we all gravitate to the X-Files


I’m sure this is easy-peasy. I don’t do “hard mode”. Story Mode, Casual and Normal. That’s it.

Clue: If The Punisher is after you, this is one of the few guys on the planet who might be able to help.


(Although if The Punisher is after you, you’ve probably done some bad stuff, and this guy is more likely to kill you, too. lol)


Same. I sometimes reverse search, when i’m interested and i’m sure i would never got it, but then i keep the result to myself. Googling based on clues shown is the pic is totally fine imo.


Is it an English/American show? I feel like I should know this.


It’s not English. It was a very popular show so I don’t feel I need to give too much away.


get ready for the grammar nazi


Yeah now you see as an Australian I believe that if you don’t use every advantage you have then snakes bite you, crocodiles eat you, cephlapods sting or bite you, sharks eat you, koala bears give you The Clap, dingoes get your baby and so on. Dame Edna steals your lamingtons, you lose your home to bushfires, you lose Christmas to a hurricane, rabbits get past your great wall.


Bar you having intercourse with said koala how does this happen?


Koala bears have a form of virus that is similar to what humans call Chlamydia. There is no way to contact it but I though I would throw that in there to mess with foreigners.


So all koala bears have chlamydia? Good to know I guess :sweat_smile:.


Well not all of them. Better than tasmanian devils they can get cancer.


Everyone saw that John Oliver’s bit, ya can’t fool me :laughing: