Screen Grab - TV Show Game


You will find that a great many things you think about my country are in fact erroneous and lies.


But, spiders galore


Oh no we have the spiders, we have huge ones that eat whole birds (not birds whole). Evolved to do so they did.


Anyway back to this.


Edit: so the spoken language isn’t English?


My avatar is actually a clue. And the guy in the pic’s probably not afraid of Australian wildlife, which is a sign of a true badass.

I didn’t say that. I just said it’s not a show made in England. :slight_smile:


Looks like somebody out of arrow.


He looks like some shitty Night-Thrasher cosplay


It’s funny. You think your pic is going to be easy because you know it, and because it’s popular, but I guess this is hard mode. lol

This was one of the most popular scenes from the show. And it was a long-running show.


No, I like Arrow, but this was better than Arrow.


Your avatar made me think maybe it was Slade Wilson in arrow maybe before he got his orange outfit.


It looks like a video game. The mask is very off putting. It’s not 24, is it?


Why can’t I think, I bet I’ve seen it.



And my Big Boss avatar is a clue because Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer, voices him.


Damn I was thinking vigilante, I haven’t seen 24.


I highly recommend it. It’s like The Punisher and Homeland combined.


Well I pulled that one out of my ass.

Either very easy or very hard. I suspect the former


Really? I didn’t think it had much violence or fight scenes in it?


Easy indeed, Mad men :slight_smile:


Well … no, it’s not as violent or as action-focused as The Punisher, but Jack Bauer has the same “be pro-active and do the right thing, no matter what’s politically correct” – attitude, and he’s always at the heart of events.

I feel it’s better than similar shows because it balances tense political intrigue and action excellently. Most shows only provide one or the other.

Sorry, that was to @BLACKPANTHER_UK.


Lol okay okay.

Y’all better hope I don’t get another one or I’m gonna make it stupid hard

You are correct, obviously