Screen Grab - TV Show Game


I watched episode one of Mad Men and couldn’t see the appeal.


Oh I could see the appeal. With my Jade Lensed Glasses you can see ulterior motives with 90% accuracy. Clarity not guaranteed.


I have no clue what this is referring to you absolute lunatic.


:smile: I’m going to assume that’s Christina Hendricks’ character? She’s the only reason I’ve ever been tempted to watch. lol


My guess is that it is nostalgia bait for the Boomers. Also I prefer “open-minded” in place of “lunatic”


I liked it for costumes and set design changing with times and stuff like that. Fucking hated the character of Don Draper, but that was kinda the point i guess


Really wild guess but “Carnivale”?


Is it that show based on Charles Dickens stories, Dickensian or some crap.


I loved mad men, you guys are on some hallucinogens. Accurate portrayal of 50s-60s NYC


That’s what I was gonna guess, too.


Now who is the lunatic. Calling Dickens crap, well I never!:joy:


Nope to all of it


I like Charles Dickens, just meant or whatever it’s called.


Oh well I take it back then.


Penny Dreadful? Another shot in the dark, its been working thus far


I call bullshit. You said you were from Detroit and nowhere near old enough to live in the sixties and fifties.


Nah, it’s without supernatural stuff (as far as i remember)


Yes he is 26, I read his intro post.


I didn’t claim to be around back then… I hear stories though, I read history (just like you @Accidental-kills98)

Also, old folks from Detroit have a vivid memory of the 60s, I’ll let you figure out why


Great Expectations? David Copperfield? Tale of Two Cities? Oliver Twist? Bleak House?