Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Is he the elephant man or something? Why the weird sack on his head and hand.


Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Did i managed the hard mode now? :smiley:


Yes, the character is.


He’s also got a cane… @LordShaw is it Peaky Blinders?

Edit: NVM


Nope :smiley:


Yes I have a weakness and it is period pieces. I have spent a lot of my life on the topic of history so I know all the beats and how it all ends. You have to bring your A game or obscura and apocrypha to get me to watch.


But it’s not “The elephant man”?


I think thats it @BLACKPANTHER_UK


Got it Ripper Street. Silly rabbits Elephant man is a movie


I think there’s a mini series but not sure.


Ha, yes! Was that hard enough for you?


All I had to do was look up Joe Merrick on Wikipedia.


Can’t remember if I watched some of Ripper Street, think I did but not much.


It took you like six guesses tho! :smiley:


So here is mine, I am going old school. Really old school. I mean this is some University of Bologna shit right here



I think your text clues are throwing me off here, but is it the Twilight Zone?


No later than that around mid seventies.



Lol… that’s my last guess


Shit,was just about to post it :smiley:


How is this possible! I swear I will break this game.

Sorry got a little angry.