Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Why’d you say mid 70s? I’m good at googling, its the top 70s sci-fi show on imdb


Damn Google. This game would be a lot harder if we didn’t have Google. And I did not hoist myself with own petard.


Again I have no clue what the hell you are talking about you “open minded” person.


It is a saying. Meaning a device or plan backfires effecting the deployer. I also prefer “abstract thinker” to “open-minded”


Ok that’s it I’m going back to using lunatic. That is not a saying, only in your head.


I don’t have it in me to go hard. It’s just not fair, especially with a TV show, where there’s so much inconclusive screentime.

This should be extremely easy to anyone who’s watched the show, but extremely hard to those who haven’t. I guess that’s how it should be

I bet most of us have seen this show though :laughing:


Dexter obviously… …


A big fat mug of Masuka wouldn’t have made it harder, right? I didn’t think so…


Not true, it has roots to Hamlet by Shakespeare, hell I think the Adam West Batman said it as well. You can Google it.



Sorry I should have said hasn’t been a saying while I’ve been alive.


Technically it has since there are still productions of Hamlet. And it still makes its way into the Batman 66 comics.


Proof or it didn’t happen.


Here is your proof. It should be under H (subsection Hoist by his own petard) luckily the TVTrope people decided to use it. And anything any Batman does is automatically cool, because he is cooler than any human can ever be (except for a Green Lantern)


I hope this was a joke. Ok it was used once in a comic but I’ve never heard of it.


I’m going sleep so if you guess it just take your turn. Even if you don’t feel free to go, I don’t care :sweat_smile:.


Uh Space Cop with space-magic Swiss-Army ring beats weird broody guano-covered loner psychopath.

Also it was used in one of Shakespeare’s most prominent plays. It is the same play that invented the word moonlight I think.


Give you a hint, it has person in the title…

Edit: really nobody?

It’s person of interest, anyone can go.


Aw, you gave up too quick. I was about to say it. I don’t really watch it but my mom loves that show.


You going to have a go?