Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Sorry, I’m away from my computer right now.


Someone take a turn please :grinning:.

Hheeellloooo anyone?


Alright, i will go. Sorry, small pic, really want to use this screen grab, but can’t find it in bigger resolution :smiley:



No idea, looks terrible :joy:.


It was awful. But i effing loved it as a kid, big time :smile:



I don’t think anyone knows this show. Like I said it looks terrible so people probably haven’t seen it :yum:.


Can’t be true, don’t make me feel like i live in a bubble :smile: It got Gimli in it!


And who might I ask is that??


John Rhys-Davies. Gimli is the ginger dwarf from Lord Of The Rings.


Is it called sliders??


Yes, shittier Stargate before the Stargate. (It was giant, when we were kids.)


I would never have gotten that had you not given me the name to Google.



Edit: She kills people and is a psycho.


Killing Eve.



Yes, you are right again.



I think it’s Grimm. I watched a couple of episodes and I remember one with a lady who controls bees or something?


Not it, sorry.



It looks like one of the trailers for the wicker man reboot with Nick cage (which was not better btw).

How I still remember it after all these years is beyond me

Obviously not it, as it’s a movie


Supernatural maybe? …