Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Nope. I’ve never even seen that show.


I would guess Black Mirror, but that was with bees, not flies or whatever they are.


I’m on like season 10, I keep leaving it and coming back to it.


Not Black Mirror, but the episode you reference was brilliant!


Black Mirror had only a couple bad episodes, IMO


Is it called haunted?



I’m pleased that nobody has gone for The X-Files. Obvious Trap.


American Horror Story? I’m just guessing all the horror shows now.



It is produced by the UK, but not set here…


Penny dreadful? … wait that might be set in the UK.


Nah sorry bro.

How many more on on your list? :joy:


Ok last guess, twilight zone?


Not that either sorry mate. A for effort though :blush:


I’m just guessing so I’m going to pass this onto somebody else haha.


No idea but I’ll give it one try - Fringe?


I’ll have a go at it as well. The X-Files. Would have to be a later season before the reboot.
I am not 100 percent on it.




Give us another screen shot or riot!


Riot, riot, riot!


Rito, Rito, Rito
Attica, Attica, Attica!