Screen Grab - TV Show Game


You are right, it is fortitude.



Yes it was indeed Fortitude. Well done.


Not sure but that looks like a trailer park so random guess would be trailer park boys? Only know of it because it’s on Netflix.

Am I right??


Trailer Park boys is right @BLACKPANTHER_UK




Isn’t that Breaking Bad? I think i recognize Skyler’s hair, but i’m not sure…


Yes it is but it wasn’t supposed to be, I fucked up. Your turn.


That’s a gnarly guess


I would say that this was the sweet spot, i would never get that from their faces (can’t even remember where in the story these two were) …but her hair…

@Agent.Smith what does it mean :sweat_smile:


Too easy i guess, but dunno what to pick rn


What does what mean? Gnarly? That’s another story, but what I meant was your guess came from a very… obscure? clue that you gathered from the picture and the fact that you guessed right from such an obscurity made me think of the word gnarly.

Edit: just looked up what gnarly actually means. I did not mean offense or to say that your guess was a bad one. It was, after all, very good!


:smile: Ah alright, i got confused, since i see this word used only in horror sense. She has this weird blond shade, that i don’t think i saw much on anybody else.


Going out on a limb here: seinfeld?


Nope. Check the policeman hats


Black Books
Can’t fool me? I think. I am not sure.


Yep, Black Books.


Heh, too easy. But I shouldn’t be the one to talk I have a feeling someone’s going to get this one easily.


Don’t know it, but thats a sick necklace. I have a tattoo of one on my chest.


Yep I think its an ankh. Egyptian symbol of life.


That is what it is.